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Videa - oficiální

11. října 2006 v 18:56 | Mářa |  Videa

Oficiální videoklipy

Director: The Malloys
Location: Griffith Park, CA
Date: June 2002
Other: Won Avril her first MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist in a Video. Extras in video were recruited from a nearby Vans Skate park. Avril's brother Matt and sister Michelle appear in this video (here and here)

Hundred Million
Director: Wendy Morgan
Location: Toronto, Canada
Date: May 27, 2002
Other: Avril guest-starred in this video alongside fellow Canadian buddies Sum 41 for the band Treble Charger's video. She basically just flicked off the camera.
Sk8er Boi
Director: Francis Lawrence
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Date: July 27 and 28, 2002
Other: MTV did a Making The Video special for Sk8er Boi. Avril had a little crush on Sk8er Boi (Jeremy Heisler). Michelle Lavigne was said to be in this video. Avril's brother Matt is in this video. He is the one driving the car.
'm With You
Director: David LaChappelle
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Date: November 8 and 9, 2002
Other: Avril came up with most of the concept to this video. There was an alternate ending to this video: at the end where she kicks open the door, her band members are there waiting to greet her and Evan gives her a little hug and they all leave the club.
Losing Grip
Director: Liz Friedlander
Location: Angel Foundation Church in New York City
Date: February 25 and 26 2002
Other: MTV did a Making the Video special for Losing Grip. Avril flipped over once while shooting the stagediving scene and they had to stop shooting that scene and used some extras as examples so the crowd could get used to holding people up. The guy at the end of the video who fell during the stagedive was one of those who were used to get the crowd used to carrying people. Extras ate pizza 2 days of shooting. So did Avril.
Knocking on Heaven's Door
Director: Unknown
Location: Recording studio in Los Angeles, CA
Date: 2003
Other: Shows footage from war victims and Avril recording the song.
Don't Tell Me
Director: Liz Friedlander
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Date: March 2 and 3, 2004
Other: The concept was Avril follows around some jerky guy and she's everywhere. This is the only video that doesn't include her band. Avril also cut her hand while punching the mirror.
My Happy Ending
Director: Meiert Avis
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Date: June 1, 2004
Other: Avril's friend Monique is in this video.
Nobody's Home
Director: Diana Martel
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Date: July 29 and 30, 2004
Other: Avril's friend Monique is in this video. This was Avril's first time acting in a video.
He Wasn't
Director: The Malloys
Location: New York
Date: December 13, 2004
Other: The pink slime that comes out of the walls at the end stayed in Avril's hair for a few days.
Omlouvám se, že jo to v angličtině, ale myslím, že tomu snad všichni rozumí!!!
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